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Every living individual on this planet does have an identification number for oneself. These identification numbers (Most Often) are given to them by the respective Governments of the countries that they live in. The numbers are not literal numbers but are used on various identification cards. These cards are used as the identification of the concerned individual when the identity of that individual is to be proved. The Republic of India offers various cards for the purpose of identification of the citizens of the Indian Nation. Cards like the voter’s Identity card, Drivers licence, the ration card and most importantly the Pan Card are mostly used as the identification documents for Indian Citizens. The Pan Card is arguably the most important document that can be used to verify one’s real identity as a Citizen of the Indian Country. The Pan Card is issued by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India as identification proof for all the individuals in order to bring all the financial transactions under the authority of The Income Tax Department.

How to check your Pan Card Status Online?

Now when you have already applied for the highest documentation proof as a citizen of India, you might just be interested to know about the position or the status of the application form that you have filled in. One thing must be kept in mind that once you have applied for a Pan Card; you cannot apply for it the next time. This measure has been taken to prevent individuals from having more than one Pan Cards. Before applying for the pan card, you must get a check done that whether you have applied before or not. If you have already applied then you will need two things to track down the status of your Pan Card. Firstly, you are going to require the coupon code that was given to you when you had applied for the Pan Card. The second thing will; be required if you already have a pan Card and are making some changes in it.

Bulk Pan Card status can also be checked at the official website of the Income Tax Department’s website for specific institutions like Banking companies, Educational Institutions, etc.

Click here to check the Pan card status online.

How to check your Pan Card Status Offline?

If you want to check the status of your pan Card offline, then you have the option of going up to the Pan Card offices of the IT department at various metropolitan cities of Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai.

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